Session Format

Each session is 90-minutes long with a 15-minute introduction, followed by five 15-minute talks forming a cohesive theme.


Steps to Develop a Session Proposal

·        Define the purpose, focus and overarching message of the proposed session.

·        Outline key session objectives and determine takeaways for attendees.

·        Confirm five colleagues to present a diverse perspective on the session theme.

·        Submit your session proposal using this online form.

·        Submit the proposal by February 28, 2018.


Proposal Evaluation Criteria

·        Proposals will be evaluated for content, structure, and overall relevance to the overarching theme of the conference.

·        Preference will be given to sessions that are integrative, cross-system, and/or promote the transfer of regional-based knowledge to a broad audience.

·        Additional criteria include the session’s potential for generating useful results/dialogue among conference attendees, and the expected level of interest in the topic.


Session Organiser Responsibilities Include:

·        Adhering to all published deadlines and fulfilling session organiser responsibilities.

·        Serving as the primary contact for the session. We communicate with one official representative per session.

·        Ensuring session presenters submit abstracts by the published deadline of May 01, 2018.

·        Confirming a moderator. The Session Introduction is not a formal talk. They do not need to submit an abstract.

·        Submitting an agenda grid to us by May 08, 2018. After the abstract submission deadline passes, we will email you a grid template to fill in the session title, name of moderator, and speaker names with talk titles.

·        Making sure your presenters are registered and confirmed by August 26, 2018.


NOTE : SERA 2018 Organizers reserve the right not to accept proposed sessions if time/space is limiting, and to cancel sessions if deadlines are missed by the session organizers.


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• list confirmed speakers (those who have been contacted, plan to attend the conference and will speak if session is approved) • include a specific title for each speaker’s talk • offer a diverse mix of speakers and organizations represented, each of whom brings a different perspective to the session